Cutting edge technology and project intelligence paired with technical and sensorial perfection: our products are characterized by precision and elegance. We are obsessed with detail and this is what distinguishes us from the rest.

The constant monitoring of the sector trends, the thorough research on plastic materials and the know-how that we have acquired in years of working in international contexts make us stand out from the crowd. When constructing an object we like to become an extension of our client.

Our ability to develop 3d modeling to obtain highly defined prototypes allows us to create highly engaging industrial design, where the product turns into an experience. Getting to the heart of an idea and develop it into a successful product is our cry.

Why don’t we meet up? We’ll show you the products that have laid out our path to success.

A significant lesson taught by Roberto is the importance of getting to know our people and get them to know us. We therefore put at disposal our whole professional career; we dust off the archives to show you our number ones, while we imagine together the future of the product. All very easygoing, Roberto-style.

Let us meet up in what we hope to be a constructive encounter. Your ideas will take form through our products; in a journey that starts with a friendly handshake.