Ostinet Design

Ostinet Design was created in 1982 and has since specialized in industrial design, fashion design and projects for trade fairs and exhibitions. A 35-year long journey enriched by the constant monitoring of the evolution of the plastics industry and sector trends; particularly in the areas of eyewear, sports articles, automotive and home appliances.

Various worldwide acknowledgements indicate that Ostinet Design plays a key role in representing worldwide the Made-In Italy values from a product design point of view. Its accounts range from Asia across to the USA, through to Europe and the Middle East. It is our firm belief that widening our network of worldwide contacts benefits all parties.


A good team equals complicity and is captained by a great leader. Our commander of the ship in these years has been Roberto; founder of Ostinet design and a true team inspirer. Bright, warm and easygoing; he had a rare ability of establishing important relationships through a couple of simple handshakes and friendly glances. With his human touch Roberto added value to his company, paving the way to worldwide success on the somewhat shaky path of product design. The legacy of Roberto still inspires the team’s approach: designing products that evoke strong feelings is possible only once you experience it firsthand.

Roberto’s sophisticated manner of working and thinking is the most significant know-how that we can share with our interlocutors.